Gijs van Wulfen

Ten Guidelines for Your Path Becoming an Amazing Innovator

Becoming an amazing innovator is a long journey. You face endless challenges in a globally connected complex world. And especially when you want to innovate a ‘big old elephant’, like a bank, a retailer, a university, a hospital, a city or government institution your challenge gets exponentially more difficult. Many ambitious innovators are looking for “the holy grail’. Unfortunately, becoming a successful innovator you can’t learn at university. Innovation is a discipline you learn by experience only. Gijs van Wulfen has been struggling himself, making 1000+ mistakes, for 40 years. That’s why he likes to share with you ten practical guidelines for your path as innovator leading you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In essence it’s very simple. Organisations consists of people. So, when you have innovative people, you have an innovative organisation. That’s why his ten guidelines focus on people. like you. Now, you can point to others in your organisation claiming they are not innovative. But when you point at them take a look at your hand. Three of your five fingers point to yourself, reminding you that innovation starts with you Your take-away from Gijs’ lecture are ten practical guidelines helping you to become an amazing innovator guiding others to let the old elephant dance again.

Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin is known widely for Teatro de Creacion (TdC) and citizen-centred dramaturgy – approaches to making large scale performances designed for a place, about that place and made in deep collaboration with the people of that place. He specializes in directing large scale events for live audiences often created as hybrid performances for television broadcast and streaming.

Chris was Artistic Director for the Opening Weekend for 2023 Eleusis (European Capital of Culture, Greece), was Artistic Director of big events for Kaunas 2022 (European Capital of Culture, Lithuania), was Creative Director of Galway 2020 (European Capital of Culture, Ireland) and previously Curator of Interdisciplinary Performance for Wroclaw 2016 (European Capital of Culture, Poland). He was also Cultural Coordinator for Piran4Istria2025 (Slovenia). He directed two large scale performances as part of the 2012 London Olympics. Full details about his work you can find in the Projects section.

Chris Baldwin is an advisor to cities and rural spaces wishing to develop their cultural policies – in particular within a European context. He is manager and artistic director of CCD Productions.

His PhD was awarded by the University of Kent. His articles, books and plays have been published in various languages. He regularly teaches and speaks at universities across Europe.

Chris is also qualified as permaculture designer.